mercoledì 13 febbraio 2013


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Serienscheine. Kreis. 15.1.1921:

Questa serie esiste con stampa del blu piu' chiara e piu' scura come da scansioni:


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  1. Filippo - the pictures look wonderful for all your serienscheine pieces. I am sure I have some pieces you don't show - set of 6 from Auma with double hole punch cancellation, other serienscheine overprints etc. Please email me on

  2. Thanks Tony... these are all the original pieces in my collection.. in the coming days I'll start posting letter B, though I am waiting for some other notes to arrive. It takes a hell of time to scan them... I have almost 3000 pieces now and dealing with a collector to get other 5300 or so in the next month/2 months.. not bad for having started just 4 months ago!